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Therapeutic Thai Massage with Amy Smith Gruebert
90 Minute Therapeutic Thai Massage for only $50

While you relax on a comfortable, warm mat Amy works mindfully with your body, listening to what you need. She will move you into different positions and use the techniques that allow your muscles to more easily let go. Pressure point work, compression massage, friction, and gentle stretching are all used to release tight muscles and contracted tissues, which in turns relieves chronic pain and stiffness. Hot compresses may be used to penetrate deeply into your body tissues, allowing for greater relaxation and healing. 

A Therapeutic Thai massage is great for athletes, weekend warriors and other people who are very active in work and play - it supports your body and helps prevent injury.  It is a great way to experience deep tissue work, yet also good if you need a gentler touch. It has a meditative aspect that can provide a more restful, supportive massage, allowing you to balance your energy and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  

Regular Thai massage helps reduce pain, stress, and tension in your body, and improves flexibility and range of motion.  Less stress and greater range of motion means that you will be able to move with more freedom and less pain.  And the bonus: Thai massage just feels Wonderful.  It would make an excellent Christmas Gift for that special someone! 
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